Body Flying

The Flying Body was born from the idea of ​​Antonella Faleschini to be able to put together different types of training such as Pilates, Yoga, artistic gymnastics, stretching and other disciplines. Using the Body Fly, you have the advantage of being able to move the body in full freedom, but with a valid support.


It is a special hammock composed of a central band and three handles on each side, which is placed on the ceiling thanks to special ropes. The Body Fly allows you to move freely in space as in artistic gymnastics while exercising the body in inversion: it is possible to combine functional workouts developing Strength, Mobility and Coordination in a dynamic, engaging and fun workout.


Who is it for? 


  • Who wants to improve their posture.

  • To those who approach physical activity with a free body.

  • Who already trains, but wants to improve strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, stability and posture.

  • Sports: for the prevention of accidents and the improvement of their performance. Flying Pilates Body Body Flying Pilates born from the idea of ​​being able to practice the Pilates technique on Body Flying. The idea is to be able to use this tool for group courses, but personalizing the training according to needs and abilities.


Flying Dance Body


The Body Flying, designed for a global and functional workout without the limits of free-body gymnastics, is an exceptional tool for dancers. In the dancer's body must live together strength and elasticity. Despite the completely unnatural posture, the movements must be harmonious, coordinated and fluid; to achieve all this, in addition to traditional training, a targeted athletic training is required.


Yoga Body Flying


Yoga meets some limits that can easily be overcome using Body Fly. This innovative tool allows you to perform even the most complex positions, such as inversions and extensions, without compressions potentially harmful to the spine, especially in the cervical area. Taking advantage of the weight of the body and the force of gravity improves posture, elasticity and alignment, without meeting the limits that are found working on the ground.